That dreaded time of the year has come, which makes no sense to most of us. It's tax season and many of us don't understand why our income is taxed and almost everything we purchase is taxed but we're still supposed to report them every year. If you report them incorrectly or sometimes even when you report them correctly, you owe the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) more money. Some people are lucky enough to be given a refund during this time.

Although some people are looking forward to the tax season because they are given a refund, others despise this time because they are always having to concede some of their hard-earned money. Either way, everyone has April 15th circled on their calendar as that's Tax Day in the United States. By this day you must have either filed your taxes or filed for an extension, if not you will be penalized. So, taxes may suck, but 10 things in Michigan are worse than doing your taxes.

Michigan is a state that is full of many great things but just like everything else in the world, the Mitten state has its cons as well. The Tax season is upon us and as we all prepare to either give more money to the country or find ways to spend our refunds, we were thinking of other things. Sure, most of us don't want to do our taxes or truly can't understand the reason for them, they have to be done. Just remind yourself that there is always something worse that you could be doing.

Speaking of things that are worse than taxes, here is a list of things in Michigan that are worse than doing your taxes.

10 things To Do In Michigan Worse Than Doing Your Taxes

It is tax season and most people are not thrilled about doing their taxes. Although they aren't the best thing to be doing, there are worse things. This is a list of 10 things in the state of Michigan that are worse than doing your taxes.

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