Way back in the 1990s, which doesn't seem that long ago but is 34 years ago this year, the first Dollar Tree branded storefronts were opened. This would in turn into America's go to place to grab fun or necessary items for just $1. From household items and toys to snacks and hygiene products, Dollar Tree was a go to store that made living on low wages easier.

Now, this has changed as the prices at Dollar Tree have been synonymous with the rest of the world as inflation has taken a toll on everyone. Dollar Tree is no longer a legit dollar store as everything in the store now cost $1.25 instead of just $1. No, the .25 cents won't make things that much harder or break anyone, but it is unfortunate. With pricing like this many things are intriguing to buy but Dollar Tree would not be the place to buy them.

Creativity is something that can be sparked by a trip to Dollar Tree as they have so many different supplies that could become something great. The DIY projects are endless at Dollar Tree as you can purchase craft supplies, pool noodles, holiday decor, and more, take them home, and let your creative juices flow. Many of the coolest DIY projects and gifts start at Dollar Tree.

It may be helpful to your pockets, and it may seem like a smart idea but there are simply just some things that you should never buy from Dollar Tree. It's simple, in the fact that these products are not bad products but aren't worth their quality when you could spend just a few more bucks somewhere else and have great quality. Believe it or not some of the things on this list seem self-explanatory while the others seem a little more debatable.

Below are the 11 things you should NEVER buy from a Michigan Dollar Tree:

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