Over the past few years, there has been a serious uptick in homelessness and after the pandemic the housing crisis skyrocketed as apartment pricing is through the roof, landlords are jacking up the rent on their homes, and the housing market has gone up as well, leaving many stranded.

There have been initiatives put into place and there have been programs dedicated to helping the evergrowing epidemic that is homelessness but also finding ways to make living more affordable for everyone. One of those initiatives has been the implementation of affordable housing and/or income-based housing.

After some more discussion and city meetings there have been two more locations that are looking to build affordable housing for Kalamazoo area residents. One of the plots of land is off of Gull Road and is taken over by the newly closed Bobick's Golf Retialer and the other is off of West Main and is behind the Meijer.

This would be a townhome and senior living community that will consist of 60 townhome units and a 55 and over senior apartment building. Upon approval from Meijer and the township of Oshtemo, Carroll Development will build townhome buildings that would have a maximum of four units and the senior apartment building would be a two- or three-story building that has somewhere between 24 and 36 units.

The other property that has people talking is the land that is now the old Bobick's Golf Retailer which used to have a driving range, mini-golf, and other attractions along with a pro shop. This has gotten a lot of rumble on Facebook as Bobick's has permanently shut their doors.

Many have cited that an apartment complex by the name of Redwood would be making its way into town. There weren't any links that I could find that would confirm or deny this rumor. Although it sounds like many don't like that they are moving in quoting them as expensive apartments will cause more traffic.

We may see two new apartment complexes make their way into Kalamazoo providing more individuals and families with a roof over their heads or we may see one new apartment complex and possibly even none depending on how voting, purchases, zoning, and other factors play out.

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