Since the creation of currency, the world has completely changed and much of our lives are spent trying to obtain wealth to sustain our families and their lifestyles. Before currency everything was based upon hunting, gathering, and trading, which seemed easy but for whatever reason they felt the need to have currency so they wouldn't always have to trade. This led to the world creating different currencies in different countries which are all have different values in worth.

Fast forward to our present-day life and one of the biggest discussions being had amongst citizens, local officials, and lawmakers revolves around wages. Whether those conversations be about living wages, tipped workers' wages, or inflation, everyone is trying to find a solution that works. Inflation has been rabid since the late 90s, so much so, that many say they aren't making a livable wage and are drowning trying to live paycheck to paycheck. The lawmakers have been trying to make changes with wages and they just announced another change in minimum wage laws in Michigan.

A couple of years ago, lawmakers in Michigan passed a bill into law that would raise the minimum wage annually until they reach $12.00 an hour for those employees with the Improved Workforce Opportunity Act of 2018. When this was first announced, there were feelings of rejoice from those who work these jobs while others were complaining of the changes it will bring in cost of living and such. Either way, the lawmakers felt their decision was the right one and we have seen both sides of this play out.

Minimum wage has been raising yearly and those workers feel like they are being correctly compensated for their time and effort but at the same time rent, mortgage, insurance, food, everything else are continuing to become more expensive. This year, the minimum wage will raise to $10.33 which will be effective starting January 1st. These aren't the only changes coming as the new year unfolds either.

Michigan will also be making the following changes in regard to working wages:

  • The 85% rate for minors aged 16and 17 will increase to $8.78 per hour.
  • The tipped employee rate of hourly pay increases to $3.93 per hour.
  • The training wage of $4.25 per hour for newly hired employees ages 16 to 19 for their first 90 calendar days of employment remains unchanged.

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