Just as we thought we were in the clear, things are coming back to bite us. We saw the groundhog pop out of the ground and declare that we would be having an early spring this year and as we wait for that to happen, winter will continue to forge on. The weather had let up for just a few days as the temperatures across Michigan were in the upper 40s and even low 50s, causing many Michigan residents to feel as if winter was coming to an end and we were gifted another easy winter.

Those of us, including myself that felt this way, couldn't have been more wrong as the winter weather is coming back. We had only received about 2 or 3 real snowfalls throughout this winter season as most of the winter precipitation were just flakes that didn't stick around for long. We should have known that we weren't going to get off that easy again, but later on this week we are expected to see some significant snowfall and colder temperatures.

There is a storm system that started over the Pacific Ocean just off the coast of Oregon and Washington that is supposed to travel across the Northern United States. We are expected to see the snow begin to fall in Michigan on Valentine's Day Night (Wednesday) into Thursday morning, potentially ruining some people's holiday of love plans.

As the temperatures across the state begin to drop, Northern Michigan and the U.P are in trouble as their temperatures should produce nothing but snow, meanwhile the temperature in Southern Michigan will be right around freezing, meaning some of the precipitation will be rain instead of snow. This is not expected to be a huge snowstorm as they are only predicting 2-5 inches altogether. The precipitation will be active on the radar from 7pm Wednesday night to 7pm Thursday night, so a full 24 hours.

The bad weather should continue through the weekend as the temperatures will stay cool over Friday and Saturday. The good news is that the weekend should be mostly dry but there may be some occasional showers and maybe even some snow but nothing heavy or consistent like we saw earlier this year. This is obviously all subject to change but there will definitely be some sort of winter weather coming to Michigan.

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