Amazon, which has risen to the top of the ranks for not only online but overall retail sales, has almost anything anyone can ask for. They allow third party merchants to use their web presence and even started to open some store fronts around the country. They are one of the quickest in delivery with their Amazon Prime program and even spread into the TV sector with the Firestick and Amazon Prime streaming platform.

As Amazon has continued to reach new levels of success, they are looking for ways to improve their business and keep things running smoothly. This means that there has been consistent change within the company, from pricing to customer experience, all of it is to try and ensure the best process possible. With the newest change coming to Amazon, some shoppers, especially in Michigan, will be upset as one payment method will not be accepted moving forward.

Venmo is a digital wallet app that allows you to purchase, withdraw, deposit, send, and receive money to and from people or your bank account. Venmo also has options to receive one of their debit cards which allows you to use the funds on your account with that card and not have to transfer them to another account. Venmo also has the option to connect to your PayPal, Amazon, or other accounts to pay for things directly.

Well, for now that is. Venmo payment is going to cease on Amazon and its platforms during the early part of the upcoming year. As of Thursday, December 7th, users were no longer allowed to add their Venmo accounts to Amazon as a payment method. For those who already had their Venmo and Amazon accounts link will be able to use the payment method until January 10th, 2024.

Although many will not be able to use Venmo any longer to purchase things through Amazon, there are still many payment methods that will be available. Visa, American Express, Discover or Mastercard accounts, checking accounts or prepaid credit or gift cards from Amazon, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express will be all of the accepted payment methods moving forward.

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