So, as we know that covid, weather, supply chain issues, and other factors have caused the road construction along I-94 and Portage Rd to turn into a 3-year and counting project instead of being done in 12 months like first suggested. This construction has caused a traffic build-up but opened my eyes to the surrounding area as well.

It was when I was driving by the other day that I noticed the B-Line Auto Shop that sits at the corner of Portage and Nottingham was having construction work done. Now, my first thought was that the long-standing shop was getting some renovations done but of course the "could something new" thoughts quickly took over.

I happen to live in the neighborhood, so I asked the neighborhood Facebook group if they knew anything about the building and the construction. That's when I was hit with unexpected yet expected news, that the seller of the building sold the space to a cannabis dispensary.

This isn't anything new as we have seen multiple dispensaries go up within our community and all over the city in rapid succession after the legalization of recreational marijuana use. Both Juli Hartfield and Natalie Mason are quoted as being told by the previous owner that he was selling the building to a dispensary.

I'm disappointed to find out that another dispensary is going up in our neighborhood because there are some other things that we could use. Like an ice cream shop. I love Dairy Queen, but if I could have another option close by I would love that. Also, a small locally owned fashion store of some sort would be great.

Either way, whatever goes up will have a successful business venture as this is a high-traffic area. We won't know what will be there until signage goes up and we start to see movement on the inside but it's looking like a cannabis dispensary will be going up in the new future.

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