Long distance relationships or "situationships" as some call them have become more prominent due to social media use, meaning more people are having to "fly their partner out" to spend time with them. Basically, individuals have to pay large sums of money for plane tickets and other attractions when their spouse visits.

Now, being flown out to Kalamazoo may not seem like a luxury to all, but when you think about some of the unique places that Kalamazoo has to offer, it doesn't sound all that bad. From bars to bowling alleys and restaurants, Kalamazoo has plenty to offer your out-of-state significant other on their trip.

In the past few days, Kalamazoo residents have been making this real-life scenario a joke on Facebook, making statuses pointing out where they would take their partner after flying them out. Most of these posts were made to garnish laughter from others but some of them sound like a solid date idea.

For example, flying anyone out to Kalamazoo is a joke itself. In my opinion, Kalamazoo is not a big enough city to be flying someone out to and, secondly, you can hit all of the entertainment within a weekend anyway. Besides, taking anyone on a "date" to the X line or the Y Bar is a severe mistake.

The good date ideas are few and far between, but they do exist amongst this list. Most of them are restaurants because how can you go wrong trying new food or introducing someone to new food? Like a wing meal from Wing Hut or pizza puffs and fries from Chicago Subs followed by a trip to Revel N Roll sounds lit to me.

Although some of these ideas are great, a handful of them are literally the worst. If you were to fly someone out to Kalamazoo, where would you take them? Is there a place on this list that made you die in laughter or another that made you cringe?

Check out some of the statuses made about flying a partner out to Kalamazoo below.

Fly Em Out To Kalamazoo

Where are you taking your date fresh off the plane ride they took in Kalamazoo?