For years there has been a battle on drugs, not only just in the streets but also institutionalized. Often those who are caught with dangerous drugs are arrested and sentenced to prison, but the ones who do so through the system are always safe. One of the biggest epidemics in the world has been the opioid explosion. As mental health awareness went up so did prescription and overdoses.

Many pharmaceutical businesses began to crank out opioids at an all-time as more individuals have been seeking professional help for their mental health. Many professionals are suggesting medication to help with a lot of symptoms and some of these have not had the best results. Others have been tampered with on the streets and then sold causing adverse effects.

Tianeptine, which was not regulated by prescription during the Early 2010s started as a supplement to help with attitude and energy and has now become one of the deadliest drugs in America. It's getting much more traction down south as they call it "gas station heroin". In Michigan, we have seen a few cases but wanted to handle this before it became a bigger issue.

Michigan was one of the first states to jump on this and stop things from getting worse within their borders. Michigan immediately banned Tianeptine from being used, carried, sold, prescribed, and any other way drugs can be stored. The ban went into effect immediately in 2019 and has saved tons of lives.

The drug resembles many of the other opioid and pill-like substances we are used to seeing. Don't be fooled by the look of believing that it is a harmless pill, they can be modified or taken in unsafe dosages which lead to harm. The pill generally comes in a two-tone look with one side being white, but can be in single-colored pills or other forms.

If you see any of these pills you are urged to not take them, keep them away from children and others, and dispose of them in the correct way while contacting authorities. Be aware of how awful this drug can be and keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

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