It is no surprise to anyone in the world anymore that businesses have been closing their doors all over in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of them haven't been able to recover from the extended time off and then you add the pressures of inflation, many companies are in the negative and it's no longer worth it to remain in service. This isn't just affecting small mom and pop shops either, this has large corporations closing multiple locations across the country.

We have seen businesses like Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Burger King, and many more choose to close storefronts in numerous states. Some of them have been a long time coming and allow for some variety in the industry, but others are sudden and attributed to budget cuts and inflation. There's another large department stores closing locations, that's Big Lots, and some Michigan locations may be in trouble.

Big Lots has been struggling as other discount stores like Ollie's, Gabe's, and more continue to pop up and provide competition. This has become so much of a problem along with inflation that Big Lots has been going around the country and shutting stores down as they see fit. This year they have announced that stores in New York, California, Colorado, and Illinois will be closing. I would assume more states are on the chopping block as well, could one of those states be Michigan?

I have spent my fair share of time sitting on the furniture, looking at all the cool toys and video games, and of course trying to talk my mom into buying me an electronic or candy bar. Nonetheless, it goes without saying that the place is almost always empty but somehow is still open, it's puzzling. The Kalamazoo Big Lots moved into the plaza next to Chuck E Cheese on Westnedge and seems to be doing fine.

With all of this being said, it's no guarantee that Kalamazoo or any other city in Michigan is going to be safe. As Big Lots continues to struggle to make money more of their storefronts will be closed. They haven't made any announcements about any of the Michigan locations being shut down, but if inflation continues and the sales don't remain up, the doors will be locked. Do you think Big Lots should stay around or as it overstayed it's welcome already?

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