Just a little bit of a subtle brag here but in the 6th grade at Milwood Middle School, a couple of our teachers and administrators had announced that they would be holding a Black History Quiz Bowl in February and that they were currently taking volunteers. I signed up with a few of my friends and we were selected to represent the 6A team against 6B, 7A, 7B, 8A, and 8B in a tournament like competition.

We were all given a packet of questions and answers related to Black History and other relevant factors about Black people of the past. We would advance all the way to the championship round where we, 6A would be competing against 8A where all the odds were stacked up against us. We would end up defeating the 8th graders as the entire school watched the stream and to this day, I still remember that day and a lot of the facts. With that being said, I may get the old band back together for a little trip to Battle Creek to see if we can run it back.

The National Association of Advancement for Colored People (NAACP) is one of the biggest organizations focused on bringing success and a better lifestyle to colored people. They also take pride in being an organization that finds a way for colored people to enjoy life but also for those same-colored people and people not of color to learn about the history of Black People and how they have contributed to our country and world.

The Battle Creek branch of the NAACP has announced that next month, during Black History Month they will be hosting a Quiz Bowl competition. They want to be able to spread knowledge about the Black community in a fun and engaging way while also awarding the winners for knowing what they know. The Quiz Bowl will take place on Saturday February 17th at Battle Creek Central High School.

They will be asking for teams of 4 with an alternate that can step in or be ready to fill in for various reasons. The Quiz Bowl will be run in a Jeopardy like style but obviously, all of the questions and answers will be based in Black History. They haven't released anything about prizes or times but for more information, contact Sam Gray at269-209-0293.

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