Now, I have never been blessed enough to visit Lego land, but i did have a pretty large collection of Legos that I would spend hours, days, weeks, months, and maybe even years' worth of time putting together. Creating cities, cars, people, and anything else I wanted to, whether I was playing alone or with friends, Legos were the ultimate building blocks.

I wasn't the person who had the exclusive Lego builds that people put together, never take apart, and showcase them to the world but instead just wanted to build random things and lay them around like land mines for people to step on lol. I know, that's kind of evil but was so much fun. I had seen the videos and such of Lego land but knew it could never be a thing. Now, Kids in Kalamazoo have something similar.

Lego Land is dummy huge as there are hundreds of thousands of Lego pieces laying around, but they also have things that are pre-built and add to the experience. There is nothing quite like Lego Land in the world but places like Bricks and Minifigs come a close second. I have yet to grace the place with my own appearance, but I've only heard good things as of now.

Bricks and Minifigs is located1926 Whites Road in Kalamazoo, inside of the plaza on the corner of Whites Road and Oakland Drive. There are hundreds of Legos inside of the store and you can spend all the time you want putting together a masterpiece. This mother and son stopped into the storefront not too long ago and had a blast. The staff showed them around and even offered the young man a job when he turns 18 due to his extensive Lego knowledge.

Another customer who was intrigued with the young man's interest, passion, and knowledge for Legos decided to purchase a set that he had his eyes on the entire time he was there. I'm not saying this place is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but it seems to be putting a lot of smiles on people's faces and bringing an experience to kids that my generation would have loved to be able to do.

Lego Obsessed Home Outside of Michigan On Market for $250K Blocks & All

Lego Lovers welcome home! This home in Kenosha, Wisconsin is a Legoland frenzy from room to room. Currently, on the market for $250,000, the house is a colorful block-by-block masterpiece paying homage to the famous plastic toys. Look inside this 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom bungalow that is every kid's dream come to life.
An interesting note is a finished basement with not one but two rec room areas & also a workshop with a steel entry door, 2 layers of drywall, denim insulation & green glue soundproofing-perfect for a man cave, workshop, or sound/music studio. Take look!

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