Michigan has almost 100 colleges and universities within its state lines but each of them are unique to their students and communities. The state has colleges that compete at every level from Division 1 all the way down to the JUCO level. College is one of those spaces where it's not for everyone but for the people that go it's a very important decision to make.

Every college here in Michigan is known for different things from great academics and lively campus lives to amazing sports programs and phenomenal professors. The cities that these campuses are nestled into, most of the time, will embrace them wholeheartedly, showcasing them to the rest of the world as their school. When it comes to Michigan it's hard to boil it down to just ten, but the makers of this video were able to do just that. Do you have any schools you think are locks to be on the list?

I've been scrolling TikTok, and it's been putting all kinds of Michigan content in front of me. This video about Michigan Colleges caught my eye because first, I wanted to know if my Alma Mater made the list, second to see how wrong this list is, and third to make my own list to combat. After receiving the Kalamazoo Promise and being limited to schools in Michigan, I did a lot of research, and this list is about 30-40% correct.

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The above video asks two young ladies to guess the top 10 colleges in Michigan. They were not able to get all of them before striking out 3 times. In their defense I don't think a handful of these schools were even on their mind and some of them shouldn't even be on the list. They may have come up short, but this list is skewed, I'm not sure of the criteria for making this list but it can't be the best.

The two most obvious answers were University of Michigan and Michigan State University. After that the only other large school to make the list was Central Michigan University, this would ultimately be the downfall. Other schools making the list were Grand Valley State University, Michigan Technological University, Wayne State University, Hope College, Calvin University, Kalamazoo College, and Spring Arbor University.

Some people may not know a handful of these schools and some people may know all of them. One thing I know for sure is that Western Michigan University was robbed of a spot. Are there any other schools you feel were robbed? How do you feel about this list?

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