Halloween is here! It's almost time to get everyone dressed in their costume for the year, grab the jackets, grab pillowcases/candy buckets/bags, and head out the door to knock on doors/ring doorbells of houses that have their porch lights on. Obviously, this is the most exciting part of the holiday as we are all ready to dive into the large amount of candy we've just been given, but how many people think, admire, and appreciate all the hard work that goes in before Halloween night?

When you walk up to a house one of the first things you notice after checking for the porch light to be on are all of the decorations that they took the time to buy, make, and set up. When you begin to look at the intricate details you notice that their Halloween setup does more than just get in the spirit. It's always fun to see who loves Halloween but the Jack-o-lanterns are the best. The question is: should you use a real candle?

I do want to say that there are no laws, bans, codes, rules, or anything else in place restricting someone from using a real candle inside of their carved pumpkins. Although it is not illegal or wrong is it necessarily the best option to use? I would say there's a valid argument there from both sides. The candle gives off the best lighting and really creates "dark and ghoul" vibes while the LED lights or LED candles don't provide the same.

Now that we got the obvious part out of the way, there is a safety issue to look at when using real candles vs LED lights. The LED lights will not burn the pumpkin and can be left on for hours and the wind won't impact the light whatsoever. On the flip side, the candle will have to be lit and put out on a daily basis, because forgetting could cause a fire but also the wind may just blow out the flame leaving you with no light.

All in all, you can make the decision yourself, just be aware to not place your Jack-o-lanterns near any curtains, decorations, or other flammable objects. Also, be cautious of placing your real candle Jack-o-lanterns on your doorstep as this could cause issues as well. Other than that, you're free to do as you please with your Jack-o-lantern in the state of Michigan.

5 Tips To Pick A Perfect Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin

Pumpkins are now out all over Western New York and if you are going to crave a Jack-O-Lantern, you want the perfect pumpkin.

Gallery Credit: Dave Fields