Public transit has been one of the most useful additions to the world since it was created way back in the early times. We have seen tons of improvements in this area as bullet trains, coach buses, passenger trains, airplanes, and many more forms of public transportation exist across the world. Every day these methods are put to the test and monitored to make traveling easier and more cost-efficient for everyone.

Although some of these methods work in some places, in others, they couldn't even manage to build them and others just didn't have enough traffic to keep them in use. One of the most commonly abandoned public transport methods is the subway system. Throughout the world but especially here in America, there are tons of abandoned subway systems that just couldn't stay afloat, including this one in Cincinnati.

While scrolling on TikTok I stumbled across a video from a user(@kennewman) that was explaining the formerly used system laying dormant and forgotten under the streets of Cincinnati. As you can see below the tunnels have been locked and secured since the subway stopped running.

@kennewman Subway tunnels under Cincinnati, Ohio.#ohio #tunnels #abandoned #subwaytunnel #urbex #Cincinnati ♬ Creepy, scary, horror, synth, tension - Sound Production Gin

After doing some research it was found that the system was only a couple of miles long but this still makes it the largest abandoned subway system in America. The now derelict tracks, tunnels, and stations were first constructed in the early 1900s but after the great depression, ever-rising costs, loss of funds during political battles, and other factors they shut them down in 1928.

Imagine what life in Ohio would be like if they had a functioning subway system. We could see passengers moving from nearby cities and into the metro markets at high rates and lowering the number of drivers on the road. I wonder if the subway tunnels could ever make a return, what do you think?

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