I remember being a kid and all I could be concerned with was playing outside with friends, trying to convince my mom to buy me the newest video games, and watching my favorite sports and cartoons. Nowadays, kids seem to have it some much harder than we did, as the pressures of social media, real life peer pressure, and the mental health fatigue that came from covid have created lost children.

Yes, some of this does come down to parenting as helicopter parents have made it hard for authority to discipline their child but the majority of this is on the kids themselves as they have just become out of control. In the times of the Kia Boys, gun violence at a young age, and ravaging virtual bullying the kids are running parents ragged, and some like this mother in Ohio are asking for help.

The Kia boys and other young teenagers have made a career and pastime out of stealing cars, and this isn't happening in just Ohio, but instead is all over the country. They have found multiple ways to unlock the vehicles without setting off the alarms and start the vehicle with no key fobs. This has led to widespread theft that hasn't been able to be slowed down yet.

There are a few factors that are contributing to the rise in car theft and in some states its worse than others. In Ohio for example, they have placed some "soft-on-crime" policies in place to give young and non-violent offenders a chance to change their life around. The downside of this is that some see it as an opportunity to commit the crimes over and over again as the consequence was not that bad.

She stated that she has been begging for them arrest him and lock him up. She wants him to face harsher consequences for his actions so that he changes his behavior. She has gone as far as to say "Do something that will make him pay." In the first 7 months of 2023 7,330 cars have been stolen in the city of Columbus and the kids just end up back out on the streets.

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