TikTok has turned into one of the most used social media sites and apps in the entire world. What started in China as an app and social site meant to revitalize the idea of Vine, which died back in the 2010s has blossomed into the video version of every social media site like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

The cool thing about TikTok though is that people can go viral, make money, and create a name for themselves for several different things. Tons of trends get hot from time to time but there is a sub-portion of TikTok for EVERYTHING that exists on our planet earth. Including acting like someone else who's made out of stuffing and fabric.

Yes, stuffing and fabric can make you a famous TikToker, and not for creating clothes but instead your acting. Yes, Puppets are the topic of discussion as tons of TikTok creators have gotten puppets that look similar or exactly like them to create content. Some have even gotten smart and have gotten a couple of friends together to create a group so they can all win.

@cottonmoufofficial They all was fruit punch, but they all taste different? #CottonMouf #puppetsoftiktok #puppet #funny #comedy #fun #fruitpunch #tastesdifferent ♬ original sound - Cotton Mouf Official

One of those groups is from Mishawaka, Indiana as 4 young men who I would assume have been friends for a while, all bought puppets and have been putting their hands to work. They are known as Cotton Mouf Official on TikTok with the main character being Duke.

@cottonmoufofficial The Cotton Mouf Puppets Play “Who’s Most Likely To..” #CottonMouf ♬ original sound - Cotton Mouf Official

@cottonmoufofficial Replying to @yep We got some solid advice here #CottonMouf #puppetsoftiktok #puppet #funny #comedy #advice #relationshiptips ♬ Spongebob Tomfoolery - Dante9k Remix - David Snell

@cottonmoufofficial One gotta go..Nintendo systems #CottonMouf #puppetsoftiktok #puppet #funny #comedy #onegottago #nintendo #gameboy ♬ original sound - Cotton Mouf Official

@cottonmoufofficial Which one…ice cream truck edition #CottonMouf #puppetsoftiktok #puppet #funny #comedy #fun #icecream #whichone #icecreamtruck ♬ Npsy Hussle Type Beat (Remastered 2023) - liuslz

Duke is joined by his best friends G Ball, J Money, and Rico as they are determined to make the entire world laugh. They all have their own pages but combine on Cotton Mouf Official for collaboration. They run a series of videos with playlist names like "Which One", "Relationship Advice", "Random Ramblings", "One Gotta Go", and so many more.

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