The right to own a firearm, the right to own a gun, or the right to bear arms. It doesn't matter how you say it they all mean the same thing. Since the beginning of our time as a country, our leaders have given us the right as citizens to own weapons in the firearms category but over time there have been more restrictions put into place surrounding this right.

The tricky thing about gun laws is that they don't violate the Bill of Rights that lies in our constitution as those are for law-abiding citizens, who do have the right to bear arms. As we continue to come across more technology and are open to mental health and other hindrances, the rules around gun ownership have shifted. Here in Michigan they just got a little bit tighter.

Background Matters

Those who already own guns or have been researching what the process is like to obtain one know that currently, the law says that only those who are seeking to purchase a handgun/pistol and other select firearms are subject to background checks. This means there are some guns that you are able to purchase at the ripe age of 18, but this will soon change.

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The new law has removed the language of handgun/pistol and has since replaced it with a firearm. So starting in March 2024, regardless of the kind of gun you are looking to purchase you must undergo a background check. After completion, you may go to any local police department and receive a purchasing license. This can only be done after signing that you have completed the necessary tasks and are legally allowed to own a firearm.

Read The Red Flags

Mitten state lawmakers have gone the extra mile and implemented a new law as well. Also beginning in March 2024 if someone is considered to be at risk of harming themselves or others then the local authorities have the right to seize firearms from the individual and their properties. They are granted an opportunity to be notified ahead of time and to participate in a hearing to decide if this should be the case.

Concrete Consqueences

If one is to violate the license laws, they will be in for a surprise. The current law states that this infraction is a misdemeanor offense that could warrant up to 90 days in jail and $100 in fines. Meanwhile, the new law reads, that breaking the license purchasing requirements in any way could result in, a felony punishable by up to four years in prison and a fine of up to $2,000. A person who attempts to use false identification to purchase a firearm is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by up to 90 days in jail and a fine of up to $100.

If someone is subjected to the Red Flag law and violates the agreement then they are subject to an immediate arrest and criminal contempt powers of the court, which includes up to 1 year in prison for the first violation. Repeated violations could lead to up to 5 years and fines near $1000.

Weapons That Are Illegal To Own In Michigan

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