Michigan football has been the talk of the country for multiple reasons, after the electric Michigan high school football season, and the lions are leading the NFC North by a longshot, football is currently reigning supreme in the Great Lakes State. We have seen many football stars from high schools across Michigan make their way to big name colleges for next level football.

Only a select few are recruited to go to the in-state powerhouses that are the University of Michigan and Michigan State University and even fewer decide to exercise that opportunity, but now that's not as big of a deal as it used to be. A couple of years ago, we were blessed with the transfer portal in NCAA athletics and that has changed the game for so many Michigan born athletes. Dante Moore is one of the next Michigan born football players to enter the portal, the question is, where will he end up?

Dante Moore, a Quarterback who was a 5-star recruit and won a Michigan High School Athletic Association Division I football championship for the Detroit Martin Luther King Jr High School Crusaders, started his college football career at the famous UCLA. He had an okay Freshman season but was quoted saying he wanted to go somewhere that would develop him as a player, then placed his name in the transfer portal. He was one of the most sought after QB talents of his recruiting class, so everyone will be calling.

Before we get into the possible Michigan Football scenarios for the Detroit native that plays QB, here are some things being said about the situation on twitter:

Little Brother Knocking

Of course, I want to talk more about Michigan and the amazing football team that's playing down in Ann Arbor, but I would be crazy to not at least entertain the idea of Dante Moore being in a Spartans Uniform. Michigan State just hired former Oregon State Coach John Smith and all 3 of their quarterbacks just entered the transfer portal. Dante Moore would be with a great QB coach, start right away, and be playing in his home state in the NEW Big Ten against his old team. It's no guarantee and is probably a long shot but it's worth the conversation.

Come Home King

Yes, the University of Michigan already has a loaded Quarterbacks room when you think about JJ McCarthy possibly staying another year alongside Alex Orji, Jayden Denegal, Jack Tuttle, and Davis Warren, but this doesn't mean there isn't space for him.

It would suck for him to come in and push someone down the depth chart but the best of the best play and I doubt that Jim Harbaugh would tell him that he can't at least fight for the position. Michigan is already looking like a Championship caliber team and their recruiting class is already good, I don't see why Dante Moore wouldn't want to play for Michigan.

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