It's no coincidence that the amount of cannabis within the borderlines of Michigan would increase after state legislators passed a bill to make marijuana legal to use for recreational purposes. The state is seeing profits to the tune of millions of dollars per year since making the change to their laws and many people have gotten jobs at the hundreds of storefronts and growing facilities that have sprouted.

Now, just because it's legal recreationally doesn't mean that everybody will abide by the laws and it doesn't mean that those outside of the legal parameters aren't trying to participate. There are still tons of young teens/adults below 21, felons, and other people who are seeking cannabis from the street, causing dealers to still be in demand and need marijuana for the streets. That's where Detroit Border agents come in handy and keep a lot of those drugs out of the state.

Even though the laws are becoming looser, federal law still labels marijuana as a Schedule I drug, meaning that the limits of carrying cannabis are strict and you are not allowed to do so across state or international borders. This has become more common as many are getting used to the recreational use laws, while some dealers on the street are finding themselves in some sticky situation.

Border agents in Detroit seized thousands of pounds of Marijuana last week as they were doing their job. Agents were approached by a tractor-trailer that was carrying a large cargo of tires when they became suspicious and pulled the vehicle aside for additional screening.

That's when agents were able to locate THOUSANDS of pounds of Marijuana stuffed inside of the tires. They stuffed them inside the hollow tires and tried to use brown paper bag stuffing and garbage bags to conceal both the smell and the sight of the cannabis. This almost worked out for them but instead, has them facing some serious jail time.

US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) would seize the cannabis, cargo, tractor, and trailer after the inspection was complete. The official CBP website notes that all drug paraphernalia is prohibited from being brought into the United States unless prescribed for medical use and violators could be penalized with hefty imprisonment and/or fines.

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