For some Detroit Lions fans this is unprecedented territory as the team hasn't been this good since 2016 when they started 5-0 and had an early dismissal in the wild card round of the playoffs and before that, the last time the Lions were good was during the late 1990's when Barry Sanders was running rapid out of the backfield. The Lions haven't had expectations like these since the 1950s when they won the NFL championship.

With the start of the 2023-24 NFL season, the Lions have put everyone on notice as they have come in and been nothing short of dominate on the football field. They have held all of their opponents to under 100 rushing yards while easily running for more than 100 yards and are an impressive 4-1 entering week 6 and don't look to be slowing down anytime soon. With their great play and some factors working in their favor can we confidently say the Detroit Lions are going to the playoffs this year?

With just 12 games remaining in their season the Detroit Lions have the NFL's 31st strongest schedule, meaning that when taking a look at teams offense, defense, W-L record, and more factors, the teams the Lions will battle are the 2nd easiest group of teams to face in the entire NFL. As of right now only 4 of the Lions 12 remaining opponents has a winning record and many believe they have a chance to finish as good as 14-3, which may be good for 1st place in the NFC.

Where is the optimism coming from? Well other than the fans creating an awesome enviornment for not only the team but for other fans as well, the coaching staff is getting some amazing play from the athletes. Quarterback Jared Goff is the PFF's highest-graded Qb while also leading the league in compeletions of 20+ yards with 23 and counting.

He's not the only one doing well either as edge rusher Aidan Hutchinson and defensive tackle Alim McNeil are the PFF highest rated for their respective positions at 93.7 for Aidan and 91.6 for Alim. You pair that with Amon-Ra St Brown and Josh Reynolds who have been great in the passing game, the two headed monster of Jahmyr Gibbs and David Montgomery in the backfield, and passionate coaching from Dan Campbell and his crew, and you've got a great football team.

Do you think the Lions have enough to get it done? Or do you think that they'll hit a wall and crash out like always? Is this the year that many Detroit Lions fans get to experience a playoff win? Or are the hopes still too high for a team that hasn't truly proven themselves?

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