Going to a professional sports game can be one of the most overwhelming, overstimulating, and anxiety inducing events that one could experience but is easily one of the most enjoyable experiences as well. Going to a professional sporting event is like no other as they have many shows, games, and other fan interactions to make the time as awesome as possible.

Little Caesars Arena which is home to both the Detroit Red Wings of the NHL and the Detroit Pistons of the NBA. They may play inside of the same building but that is the only thing that is the same about these two teams. They have two totally different vibes as players, playing philosophies, fan experience, and everything else. Going to a Red Wings and Pistons game may be different but they Megatron always gets everyone up, especially when you catch yourself on there.

The Detroit Pistons use the Megatron in different ways than the Red Wings do but they both find multiple ways to highlight their audiences. I'm not 100% sure but I'm almost positive that both teams choose to run a look alike cam to engage the audience. This is when they find famous movie characters or celebrities and then compare them to an audience member that looks similar.

There are many other stadiums across the country and world that choose to also run look alike cams, but they are nowhere near as great as the one in Little Caesars Arena. It takes true skill to scour the crowd and find almost identical look alikes to these characters or celebrities. Although it may be difficult, LCA makes it look like a cake walk.

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In the TikTok video above, the camera operators and graphic makers showcase their skills and teamwork as they pair the look alikes together. Have you ever been on a look alike cam? Who do people tell you is your doppelganger? Is there a celebrity or character that you hope you are compared to?

Celebrities Who Look Alike

It’s said that everybody has a doppelganger (a.k.a. look-alike) somewhere out in the world. And this yields true for celebrities, too, apparently. As wild as it is to think there are people out there who look like some of our favorite celebs, it’s even more mind-blowing that some of Hollywood’s shining stars actually do look similar to one another. Don't believe us? Check out these 25 pairs of Hollywood look-alikes.

Gallery Credit: Kayla Thomas

Celebrating National Look Alike Day

Today is National Look Alike Day and we decided to have some fun and celebrate. We aren't just celebrating twins it's anyone who might look just or a lot like you!

Gallery Credit: Brandi Wheeler, Erinn Williams, Nicole Biggs, Jonathan Hagan, Gaynelle Austin, Angel Welsh, YouTube