I am an avid preacher of the world-saving gospel and I do everything in my power to contribute to that initiative. As humans, we are the ones that have the power to uplift and build or destroy our atmosphere, and over the last few decades we have been doing more destruction than preservation. Whether you want to take a look at the large problems like carbon emissions from fossil fuels or smaller issues like littering, they are all significant in the situation.

All over America there are several cities that pride themselves on being one of the cleanest cities in not only their state or region, but in being one of the cleanest in the country or world. On the other hand, there are cities that are struggling to stay clean for a multitude of reasons and are often considered to be one of the dirtiest in their state, region, country, or even the world. Michigan has some cities that are dirtier than the others but the dirtiest city in the state may come as no surprise to some of you.

When you think of dirty cities, I can imagine that a city like New York, San Francisco, Portland, or Seattle would be the first to come to mind. These are all cities that have been known to struggle with homelessness, littering, and other factors that contribute to the destruction of our world. Although Michigan isn't home to any of these, they are home to one of the 50th dirtiest cities in America.

Lawn starter, which is a landscaping business, put together a list of the dirtiest cities across the country, which if you asked me, they would have some creditability in this field to decide who's taking care of the environment and who isn't. They used four categories, including pollution, living conditions, infrastructure, and consumer satisfaction to find an overall score and determine which cities are the dirtiest.

The list was comprised of the 150 biggest cities in the United States, Detroit and Grand Rapids would be the only Michigan cities to make the list but Grand Rapids lands at 128 while Detroit was much higher on the list. Detroit turns out to not only be the dirtiest city in Michigan but is the 4th dirtiest city in the entire nation. Here are the statistics on Detroit and how dirty it is:

  • Pollution: 9
  • Living Conditions: 35
  • Infrastructure: 89
  • Consumer Satisfaction: 4
  • Overall Score: 48.3

I'm not saying that Detroit is that dirty but there are some ways to make the city cleaner which would also benefit the world as a whole!

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