Once upon a time drinking water was as simple as turning the faucet on and grabbing a glass. Or as kids, being outside and guzzling huge mouthfuls of water from the hose was the only way to stay hydrated and not run in and out of the house. Nobody was worried about the taste or how good of quality the water was but just that it was cold and available.

For the last decade or so, tap water has been considered not healthy to drink for several reasons but lead poisoning is the main factor. We have seen some convert to plastic bottles while others have placed filters on their faucets and/or gotten stand-alone filters to make their water safe. For the most part, this works but with news coming down from the top, our drinking water in Michigan may be contaminated.

Foreign countries have gotten smarter in the way they choose to attack America. They have been strategizing on how to cripple the United States and it's not always about bombs, internet outages, or money. Sometimes it's about the most simple parts of life like water, because it's a necessity needed to stay alive.

In recent months, cyber attackers from both Russia and Iran have used cyberattacks against water systems in Pennslyvania and Texas. The Environmental Protection Agency took this information and issued the following warning to not only Michigan but the entire country:

Today, May 20, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued an enforcement alert outlining the urgent cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities to community drinking water systems and the steps these systems need to take to comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act. The alert is part of a government-wide effort – led by the National Security Council and the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency – to reduce the nation’s infrastructure and cybersecurity vulnerabilities. EPA is issuing this alert because threats to, and attacks on, the nation’s water system have increased in frequency and severity to a point where additional action is critical. - EPA

The scariest part about this whole scenario is that over 70 percent of the water systems did NOT comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act regulations after the EPA conducted inspections.

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