The laws and rules of the road are oftentimes not completely understood. We often see or hear that someone was unaware that something they were doing while traveling on the road is illegal. There are also a ton of misconceptions that swirl around about what's within the law and what's not when operating a motor vehicle. One of the most common is that you're not allowed to drive with the interior lights on.

That's just one of many common misconceptions thrown out by many drivers that they believe are illegal until they finally take the due diligence to research it for themselves. Also, the states being able to create and pass their own laws means that driving laws can differ from state to state and something you are used to doing in your home state may be illegal in the state you're currently in.

One of the common questions that get asked is about footwear or the lack thereof while driving. There is tons of information out in the world about driving in different types of footwear or none at all. Most of it is surrounding the safety of driving with improper footwear citing a loss of grip or what could happen in case of a crash.

After driving shoeless yesterday(I did have socks on which means I wasn't necessarily barefoot) my mind started rumbling around trying to remember if I was ever directed to not drive barefoot because it's illegal. I don't think I was personally told this but many have been because it's easier to prevent by saying it's illegal than unsafe.

So, I kind of just gave you the answer in the last sentence, it in fact legal to drive within the state of Michigan or any other state in the country with any kind of footwear you would like. This also includes driving in socks, sandals, or even barefoot.

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