This isn't as big of a deal for us here in Michigan as we don't have any Toll Roads highways/expressways within our state lines. Contrary to that, every state surrounding us and even Canada, has Toll Roads, so we are no strangers to how the system works. We are lucky enough to not have to purchase any kind of toll pass but we are reminded how expensive those tolls are and how it might be cheaper/easier to have a toll pass.

Toll passes vary by state as they all have their own systems to manage their tolls to help pay for their road maintenance. When you have a toll pass you can go through tolls without stopping to pay at that specific moment and you'll be able to pay them later, at what I believe is a discounted price, but don't quote me on that. Whether you cruise through and have to pay online, stop to pay at the time, or use a toll pass, the FBI is warning everyone to ignore these scam messages.

Scams have been taking over our country left and right as there seems to be a new scam putting us all in danger every day. Most scams come in the form of email or phone calls, but the scammers have started to step their game up and are trying new things to be successful. Their newest trick has been using text messages to attack victims of all ages.

The FBI has released a warning to residents in Michigan and all over the country to be careful of the text messages they open and click on. There is a new scam out that is targeting individuals through a text message that says they owe toll fees and need to click on the following link to settle the debt. They have already received over 2,000 complaints on this issue and are working to remedy things.

They say if you receive a message, delete it immediately and notify your toll pass system, if you have already clicked on a link in a text message, you should contact your financial institution immediately.

Here are some tips to stay safe from several scams:

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