Over the weekend Michigan joined in on all of the flying object drama and became the latest state to have a foreign object shot down out of the sky above. There were multiple UFOs (unidentified flying objects) that were roaming in Michigan airspace, prompting the country to close airspace over our state.

Over both Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, UFOs were spotted and NOTAM closed the airspace for military purposes. Shortly after this mandate, armed forces would proceed to shoot the UFOs down. The burning question that I and many others have is "Why were the UFOs flying over the lakes? and What could the UFOs have been searching for?"

When thinking about the United States and what the states have to offer, Michigan ranks amongst the most lucrative when it comes to unique things to offer. Some of the first things that come to mind are the pure beauty we get from the dunes, pictured rocks, and all the other nature preserves that occupy our state. Although they can't take nature with them, the UFO's could have been going after these things.

5 Pure Michigan Things The UFOs Could've Been Searching For

5 things that scream out "MICHIGAN" that the UFOs were searching for before being shot down over Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.

Those were just a handful of the first few things that came to mind when thinking of what made Michigan famous. Of course, there are a handful of other options I could've chosen like Vernor's, a.k.a. "the best medicine to ever exist," along with Faygo, the best pop to touch the planet, and even Better Made chips which might be the best plain potato chips ever.

Michigan is no slouch when it comes to having unique creations and attractions that make us one of the best states in the country. From cherries, beer, and coney dogs to pictured rocks, Faygo, and Better Made, the aliens want the best of the best from Michigan.

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