I have never understood how some of the most successful people in the world have found a way to throw everything away. I also know noticed that money seems to make some things disappear and one of those things is often legal troubles. These people are often times able to hire the best lawyers, find monetary settlements and plea deals, or some other loophole to stay out of trouble.

Athletes seem to find themselves in these kinds of situations more often than other celebrities or successful people but I'm not sure the reason why. It's almost like they are bored and looking for some kind of excitement in their life or something but it's crazy that they take these kinds of risks. We have seen many athletes dealing with weapon, drunk driving, and even domestic violence charges and it's always surprising when a new name pops up. As January is ending, another one of those athletes found himself in handcuffs in Indiana.

Rajon Rondo is brought up in conversations all over the world when debating the best point guards. He doesn't get a lot of respect or airtime in the greatest point guard of all time debate but when people talk about championship teams and what effect their point guard had, he is almost always brought up. Rondo was known for great ball handling, impeccable vision, awesome decision making, and flashy passing but now he's going to be known for his time behind bars as well.

Rajon Rondo was pulled over in Indiana on a traffic violation which was then escalated and resulted in the arrest of Rondo. The cop asked if he could search the car based upon reasonable suspicion from the smell of marijuana, in which the officer would find a "personal use" amount and other drug paraphernalia. He was taken to the Jackson County Jail and immediately posted bond. All of the charges he is currently facing are misdemeanors and will most likely results in fines rather than jail time, but it is still possible.

We are not sure what will happen with Rajon Rondo in the near future, but we do know that he will have to appear in the Indiana Courts to figure out what his fate on these charges will be. I hope that this is able to steer him back to an area where he is doing more positive things with his life and being there for his son, who's a great basketball player as well.

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