TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world and has become a legit and fruitful stream of information. Whether it be news, opinions, sports, dances, or trends, many people are turning to the app for all the information they need. Some have even figured out how to make the short video-based platform into a career and steady stream of income.

One of those individuals goes by the name GFed and is one of the most electric sports creators on the app. He spends his time traveling around the country for whatever reason but also looks to complete a rare feat whenever he's in a new place. He does his best to try and walk onto the field at every Division I college football stadium he passes by without jumping fences, breaking locks, or trespassing in any other ways. He wildly has a lot of success and recently he visited his alma mater.

GFed who goes by the TikTok username of gfedgocrazy, has made a name for himself by finding a way to legally walk on to many Division I college football fields while also checking out the rest of the stadium and other sports facilities on the campus. He has walked on to the field on campus such as Ohio State, Ole Miss, Notre Dame, Michigan State, Eastern Michigan, and many other big and small name college football programs.

Below are some of his Michigan and other Midwest Conquest:

@gfedgocrazy The return many have been waiting for has finally come. The Ohio State Walk On Challenge, at Ohio Stadium #ohiostate #buckeyes #osufootball #collegefootball ♬ original sound - GFed

@gfedgocrazy Replying to @BadgerBdubbs University of Illinois - ‍♂️️ . . . . #illinois #uofi #collegefootball #collegebasketball ♬ original sound - GFed

@gfedgocrazy Another day another trip to a D1 athleic facilty . . . . Lets see what you got Notre Dame☘️ #notredame #ndfootball #collegefootball #collegebasketball ♬ original sound - GFed

@gfedgocrazy Can I walk onto a D1 football field? . . . . Michigan State edition #michiganstate #msu #collegefootball #collegebasketball ♬ original sound - GFed

@gfedgocrazy My favorite stop to date of the walk on challenge . . . . . Eastern Michigan University #emu #easternmichigan #collegefootball #collegebasketball ♬ original sound - GFed

@gfedgocrazy Can I Walk Onto A D1 Football Field? . . . . . . . . . Purdue, you are confirmed ️….for Purdue #purdue #boilermakers #collegefootball #collegebasketball ♬ original sound - GFed

@gfedgocrazy Sat on this video for over a week because I had pretty mixed emotions about how it turned out, and I’m around Michigan enough to easily redo it if I wanted But then I realized: I’m here to tell the story, not determine the outcome. Friends, the Michigan walk on challenge. . . . . #umich #michiganfootball #michigan #collegefootball ♬ original sound - GFed
@gfedgocrazy Pros/Cons of doing the walk on challenge closer to the season starting: Cons: Way more people already, moving in silence is getting tough Pros: This might happen . . . . #indiana #hoosiers #iufootball #collegefootball ♬ original sound - GFed

@gfedgocrazy I finally made the 2 hour round trip travel from Lansing just to do a video at my alma mater’s rival. If this doesnt show I have love for every school idk what does . . . . #Centralmichigan #cmu #maction #collegefootball ♬ original sound - GFed

@gfedgocrazy Happy 1st NFL Sunday of the year everybody! Celebrating by doing what I do best at Soldier Field And by the results, I can confidently say: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME #bears #chicagobears #nfl #chicago ♬ Cricket Sound - Sound Effects

@gfedgocrazy Gameday was great (check out the vid if you havent already!), but without a true walk on challenge, I havent done Western Michigan’s campus justice quite yet! Enjoy me taking you on a tour through my alma mater #westernmichigan #kalamazoo #maction #collegefootball ♬ original sound - GFed

In December of 2023, GFed decided to make a trip back to his old stomping grounds and instead of attempting to walk on Waldo field again, he chose to visit one of the most electric venues in all of college sports, Lawson Arena. The Hockey arena on the Broncos Campus is almost guaranteed for a sellout every game and is rocking thanks to the Lawson Lunatics. GFed leads you through sitting in the long student section line waiting to enter Lawson Ice Arena before they all pile into the section roped off for them. They proceed to go on and scream, yell, bang on the glass, and harass the opposing team for the next couple of hours as the Broncos found victory on the frozen pond again.

@gfedgocrazy No better way to spend a college football-less saturday than messing around at my alma mater for a classic college hockey game Lawson Lunatics, thanks for having me #hockey #collegehockey #westernmichigan #kalamazoo ♬ original sound - GFed

He shows that no matter who you are, you can make a name for yourself. Here he is putting Kalamazoo on the map again as you can see him going through the time of his life reminiscing on his time as a Bronco while he revisits Lawson Ice Arena and other parts of the WMU campus.

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