Amazon can be one of the businesses to say that they helped start the online shopping model and have helped it flourish into the huge entity that it is today. Now you can search just about any retailer big or small and be able to place orders through their website and have the product delivered to your door. This has made shopping less of an activity as you can conveniently do so from your couch now.

There are a few problems with online shopping just like there is with anything else in the world. You may receive the wrong size or product and then will have to go through the online return process, there are porch pirates who will steal your packages, Amazon or other delivery services may loses your package, or worse. Some people in Grand Rapids found this out the hard way earlier this week.

One of the biggest liabilities that any Amazon delivery driver is the actual vehicle itself, there are countless packages with not only sensitive information but thousands of dollars of products. Also, those vans are not cheap so that's another cost plus your life is worth something as well. So which one is most important?

According to Amazon, your life is most important as drivers are taught to not intervene with a potential thief but instead let them take the packages and/or vehicle because both of those things are insured by the company. In the video below that's exactly what we see happening.

A young boy hops into a parked but running Amazon delivery van and proceeds to throw it into gear and take off down the road. The Amazon delivery driver is seen standing outside the door as the van pulls off. The boy doesn't get far before having to press Y and eject from the car, rolling into the street. He didn't have a seatbelt on so this may have saved his life.

Many people were without their packages and tons more lost their power as the boy took the van for a ghost ride right into a telephone pole. What's worse is this was one of the telephone poles that had a transformer on it and he smashed it, blowing everyone's power out for blocks.

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