Walking into a wooded area with a backpack full of snacks, drinks, books, or whatever other entertainment and items you might need is something most people would do, especially those who like to hang out in nature. One of the more relaxing and free activities you can do worldwide is spending time in nature, and Kalamazoo is a great spot to do that.

One way to enjoy nature is to interact with it, even at a minimal level. One way to minimally engage with nature is to go hammocking. Lug that hammock out into the woods and pick two nice trees that you can tie your hammock on. Then hop in, grab something to keep you occupied, and hang from the sky.

Kalamazoo is littered with parks, wooded areas, and nature preserves that provide so much natural beauty to the city. Many residents and visitors wander through and relax at these parks. Someone on Reddit was looking to get in on the action as well.

Places to hammock
by u/Awkward_Contest_3855 in kzoo

This sent my brain into a spiral about all the places I have gone hammocking and how many people I have seen in other places hammocking. I didn't realize how big the hammock community is in Kalamazoo but it makes sense as there is no shortage of perfect hammock areas.

The comments were right on par with what I was thinking as many of the suggestions were places that I had gone hammocking already. Al Sabo and Asylum Lake Preserve were the two most common answers followed by Kleinstruck, Milham Park, and little side parks on the side of West Main Hill.

Somebody should start a Kalamazoo Hammock Club, I'd join, maybe I'll just start it myself. Nonetheless below are some other hammock options in Kalamazoo.

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