High school is an interesting part of everyone's life, as you're going through a ton of changes, your surrounding factors play a role in trying to find your pathway to success. As we know public and private schools are different and some public schools are better than others and the type of school you go to can make a big difference.

In Indiana, there are a fair share of public and private schools, but as we know in America, public school funding is tied to property taxes and this creates some disparities between some public schools. The students in the Deca program at Carmel High School decided to show the world a tour of their school, and it's CRAZY.

Carmel High School sits in Carmel Indiana and is a GEM of a high school, having a setup that is arguably better than my college alma mater, Adrian College. Their high school is stocked to the nine for anything needed to help students explore and decide their passions. After this virtual tour, I think this might be one of the best high schools I've ever seen.

@carmeldeca Take a tour of the school where champions are made!! #carmelhighschool #greyhounds #champions #tour #DECA #fyp #foryoupage #schooltour #wherechampionsaremade ♬ original sound - Carmel High School DECA

The students from the Carmel Deca program took to TikTok as you can see part 1 above and part 2 below of their amazing school. They have a planetarium, woodshop, auto body shop, radio and tv station, an esports room, and a yearbook room full of up-to-date iMac desktops. They even have a whole freshman wing, senior hallway, and multiple cafeterias. 

@carmeldeca Did someone say part 2? #carmelhighschool #greyhounds #champions #tour #DECA #fyp #schooltour #foryoupage #wherechampionsaremade #carmeldeca #carmel #indiana #football ♬ original sound - Carmel High School DECA

I haven't even touched the athletic side of things, which it's unbelievable that a high school could be stocked with these facilities. They had a varsity gym that's only used by varsity teams, they have a fieldhouse, and then a blue and gold gym that has an indoor track. They also have an amazing swimming pool, hall of fame, and wall of success.

I'm not sure if I've personally seen a high school better than this one with my own two eyes. Some of the opportunities that these students have are a total advantage to engage in at an earlier age than some of their peers. What do you think of this crazy school?

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