Michigan has had it rough in the fuel game for the last couple of years, it all started about 4 to 5 years ago when the American government was unable to strike a contract extension deal with Canada, closing a major pipeline that provided oil to many of the northern states, including Michigan. Not too long ago, Shell announced that they would be closing 1,000 of their locations across the country, including in the Mitten state.

Now, there is another gas station that is making changes within the state, so frequent visitors may want to look for a new gas station. Luckily for these gas station goers, the stations will still be there and will be open for service they just may not look the way they are used to. There is a gas station that is rebranding its stores all across the nation after it was acquired by a new parent company. This means some of their stations in Michigan may be rebranding as well.

In fact, the rebranding bug has already struck here in Michigan but many of us may not be aware of it. For those who have visited Marquette or have family that live there, then they may know exactly what I'm talking about. The Holiday gas station brand was brought by the same company that owns Circle K and that's when the changes started to occur.

Back in November of 2023, the Holiday gas station in Marquette was rebranded to Circle K. along with many other Holiday gas stations across the country. It has not been clear whether they will continue to rebrand the Holiday gas stations to Circle K's or if they will choose to leave some as they are.

Michigan currently has a handful of locations around the state that still haven't been affected. Those gas stations are in the following cities:

Traverse City (2), Charlevoix (1), Gaylord (1), Cheboygan (1), St Ignace (1), Newberry (1), Escanaba (1), Menominee (1), Wetmore (1), Munising (1), Sault Ste Marie (2), Harvey (1), Iron Mountain (1), Marquette (1), Negaunee (1), Ishpeming (1), Iron River (1), L'Anse (1), Calumet (1), Hancock (1), Ontonagon (1), Wakefield (1), Ironwood (1)

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