We may not be living in the Wild Wild West of the old times but things still get crazy here in the Midwest. We have seen some of the wildest things we can imagine here in the Midwest states as there are so many different cultures that have nestled their way into the area and settled down. We have freed slaves, former slave owners, immigrants, native tribes, Amish, and others all within the Midwest.

With all of the different cultures and ethnicities that exist within the Midwest, there are many different ways of living co-existing within this space. Although we are all in the same area because of where we come from we all do things a little bit differently. All of the differences create the perfect equation for us to see some of the wildest things imaginable. Including what these drivers and animals experienced on this Ohio highway early in March.

I have spent my fair share of time on the highway in Ohio and there are plenty of things to keep an eye out for. First off, there is just wild weather in Ohio at almost all times, you can have clear weather at one moment and then torrential downpour the next. Also, the Ohio State Police are all over the roads waiting to take down reckless drivers. Also, there are some distracted drivers, not very good drivers, and other factors to look for, but we would never expect to see farm animals on the road.

You can see the drivers reacting to the sight in front of their eyes in real-time as they quickly pump on their brakes and come to a stop. I'm so glad that everyone was aware and paying attention because it would've been so sad to see someone hit a horse or have something worse happen. This would go on for 2 minutes before they were chased down a side road. There is nothing that currently explains the end of the dispute.

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