Every day millions of people throw something or multiple things into the garbage, creating a large pile of waste that must be taken care of. Landfills exist worldwide and are the most effective way of removing the world's waste. Food, clothing, containers, paper towel, etc are all tossed into trash bags and into the garbage, but is there anything you technically aren't supposed to throw away?

Short answer, yes, there are a handful of things that are banned from landfills across the country by the federal government but each individual state has a full range of how they would like to handle garbage within their lines of jurisdiction. Michigan is a banned landfill state but not a state that is bound to recycling by law, so what does this mean and what shouldn't you throw away in Michigan?

Since Michigan doesn't have any laws that state that you must recycle certain items this means that there technically is no consequence for throwing away the illegal items but it does ruin our atmosphere and contribute to global warming. The ban basically says that we can't take these items to a landfill and should be disposed of properly. There are options to recycle the following items which Michigan has determined are all illegal to throw in the garbage.

These Things Are Illegal To Throw Away In Michigan

A list of items that are banned from landfills in Michigan and should be either recycled or disposed of correctly.