America is one of the 3 largest countries in the world with more than 333 million people living inside of the country's borders. Even though there are 50 states for all these people to be spread out in, there are still some pretty congested areas across the nation. Some regions and cities have more appealing attractions, employment opportunities, or other qualities that draw residents to settle down.

Big cities are some places that have managed to draw a lot of people to one place, creating congestion. Cities like Boston, Philadelphia, Nashville, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and others are among the cities with the largest populations because of their opportunities, downtown lifestyle, sports teams, and other appeals. Traffic can be a hassle in some of these places and is one of the easiest ones to measure congestion as well, when looking at traffic patterns, Illinois found themselves among the most congested states in the U.S.

In the United States, traffic congestion is a pervasive issue impacting daily commutes, productivity, and overall quality of life. From bustling urban centers to sprawling suburban areas, these states grapple with the challenges of accommodating growing populations and increasing vehicle numbers. Understanding the factors contributing to congestion in these regions is crucial for devising effective solutions to alleviate traffic woes and enhance mobility for residents and visitors alike.

Illinois is one of the many states within the United States where the residents have to battle, plan around, and deal with congestion all over the highways and roads as they attempt to make it through their daily lives. As delays are often a part of their everyday lives, here is how Illinois ranked amongst the other congested states in America:

18. Illinois 

Vehicles Per Mile: 71.31 

Illinois stands among the most congested states in the US, impacting road safety and traffic infrastructure. High traffic volumes contribute to traffic accidents and fatalities, underscoring the necessity for improved traffic management and infrastructure. Congestion strains the state's traffic infrastructure, leading to increased travel times and reduced efficiency.

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