Every state has its pros and cons as nothing is perfect, with that being said, every state does everything it can to be seen as the best state in the country. This is an anecdotal debate as it will always come down to opinions that can be debated until the end of time. Every state has its attractions, housing market, cuisine market, and more to draw and maintain the population within its borders.

Some states have been able to retain more residents than others due to their climate, affordability, or access to certain lifestyles. Meanwhile, others have had trouble for those same reasons or others. Some states have one or a couple of large cities carrying the weight while others have a more even-spread population across their state. Illinois is one of the states where there is a big city carrying the weight but recently the entire state has been struggling.

Illinois has been able to stay in the upper half of the country as far as population goes due mostly to Chicago and its surrounding areas. The appeal of the Windy City or living close enough to the city to enjoy its amenities has been a drawing point for residents of Illinois or potential residents living in the Midwest. Now, that appeal is not enough to keep them there and is causing the population to drop quickly.

Yahoo Finance has been researching trends involving money, employment, housing, and other parts of life. This time, they were taking a look at the population trend across the US finding which states are bringing in the most residents contrary to the states that are seeing the most residents leave.

Yahoo Finance found that Illinois would rank near the bottom of states seeing an increase in population which immediately places them near the top of the decline list. In fact, Illinois is the second fastest declining state in America, only behind New York. This is what Yahoo Finance had to say about it:

Illinois ranks as another fastest declining US state. The state’s population dropped from 12,686,469 in 2021 to 12,582,032 in 2022. thereby recording a population decline of 0.8%.

Would you move to Illinois? If you're already living in Illinois are you considering leaving or do you want to stay forever?

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