Track and field is a sport that goes back to basically the beginning of time and celebrating after winning an event was commonplace. We have seen literally a billion different kinds of celebrations now and it seems as if there is always something new that comes along. One thing many athletes like to do is show love for their hometown/country after winning, showing the world where they came from.

Michigan is home to many successful athletes at all levels around the world and they aren't shy in showing their pride for the mitten state. Basketball players like Devin Booker and Draymond Green, football player Greg Jennings, baseball player Derek Jeter, and even professional boxer Floyd Mayweather, all make it known they are from Michigan. This college track star is just the most recent to join the list of repping Michigan on national television.

Illinois State University Track and Field athlete Brandon Ratliff is a hurdle runner from Grand Rapids Michigan. He attended Wyoming High School on his way to a regional final title in the 110m hurdles as a senior before committing to the Redbirds of the Missouri Valley Conference (MVC). After being named the MVC Male Track Athlete of the year in 2021, he's been looking to add to his resume, and he did so on the biggest stage of them all.

While competing in the 2023 MVC Indoor Track and Field Championships, Illinois State placed 3 hurdlers in the championship heat. Ratliff was one of those 3 to have a chance to crown themselves as the men's MVC 2023 Indoor 60m Hurdle champion and he did not disappoint while running on the worldwide leader in sports, ESPN.

@hurdleboyratliff Can never take the Michigan out me😂 #fyp #foryou #michigan #buffs #trackandfield ♬ Dog Food - 42 Dugg

As you can see above, Brandon took off with a great start out of the blocks before scaling the hurdles and pulling away with a burst of speed at the end as he looked behind everyone while crossing the finish line. The unique celebration was in full swing once Ratliff was aware he had won the race, rushing over to watch teammates retrieve something.

After crossing the line first in just over 7 seconds, Brandon Ratliff made his way over to a group of fellow redbirds who were watching in support and grabbed a small black object. This would prove to be a carrying case for a pair of sunglasses, sunglasses that have been nicknamed "Buffs" in Detroit.

Brandon would go on to pose and flex in front of multiple cameras both solo and with his two hurdles running mates that also made the final. Ratliff went on to rock the all-white Buffs on national television after becoming a conference champ and describes the event by saying "You can never take the Michigan out of me" and showing that love for his home state.

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