The housing market has been astronomically high for quite a few years now, which follows the trends of inflation on other products like clothing, food, and other goods but not the trend of our wallets as wages haven't raised to the same percentage. This is making it harder for Americans to live day by day and harder for young adults to become homeowners.

There are a few states that are supposed to experience somewhat of a break in their housing market as 3 states, including Illinois have come out to say that they are expecting their housing market to crash. There are still some people out there that have the money or young people braving the storm to purchase a home within the current market, and Indiana should be one of the states they're looking at, considering the sale rates.

Indiana has been named as the easiest state to sell a house in. The Hoosier state is selling houses faster on average than every other state in the country. The study conducted by real estate experts at Agent Advice analyzed the latest Zillow data, which showed the average number of days it took for an offer to be accepted on a home in each state and the average number of days it took to close the sale.

Indiana is selling houses in 29 days on average to take first place, leaving Wisconsin, Michigan, Virginia, and Ohio to round out the top 5. They averaged 30 days to closure of the sale which would give them a total score average of 59 days to complete the sale from pending to sold.

So, if you're looking to buy a house or if you currently live in Indiana or have another home in Indiana it may be time to sell your home or look to buy in Indiana. It seems like they have fair prices on their houses as they sell faster than any other state in the country.

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