The epitome of the college football season is the national championship game but in reality, only 4 teams get to compete for it. That is moving to 12 next year, but no matter the number of teams with a chance only 2 will play in the Championship game, the rest are on the outside looking in. Then, only one team will host the trophy at the end marking them as national champions, but many other college football trophies will be raised as well.

The Bowl Season is one of the most exciting parts of the entire season, the College Football Playoff (CFP) is going but there are also tens of other bowl games for anyone that won 6 or more games in the regular season. Every FBS school has made it to at least one bowl game in their history but the Power 5 conferences have the best chances of going and winning. That is, unless you are one school from the Big Ten that has managed to lose every bowl appearance they've had since the 90s.

As we know, the Indiana Hoosiers are known for their basketball talent and their hall of fame coach Bob Knight, may he rest in peace. Alongside the Hoosiers are the Boilermakers and Sycamores who also aren't great on the gridiron but make waves on the hardwood. What I'm getting at here is that the state of Indiana is known for its basketball and lacrosse talent rather than its football talent. Yes, I purposely left out one team because who cares about those guys!

Although Purdue may not be as good at football as they are at basketball, they are better than the Indiana Hoosiers for multiple reasons. One, they beat them almost every time that they play against each other, even though the Boilermakers haven't been competitive since Drew Brees was their quarterback. I said all of that to say that the Boilermakers have more in common with Notre Dame than Indiana when it comes to football.

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Both the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Purdue Boilermakers have found the end of the season glory, which is ending things on a good note with a win in your last game of the year. Now they could win their last regular season game but if it doesn't end with a bowl game it's not the same. One thing the Indiana Hoosiers haven't done in a while is win their bowl game and start the next season feeling good. They are the only team from a Power 5 (ACC, PAC-12, Big 12, Big Ten, & SEC) conference to not win a bowl game in the modern era.

Do you think things can change soon or will it be years before we see a Hoosiers Bowl Game victory?

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