I don't particularly appreciate driving through Indiana for many reasons but the road rage doesn't help. First, I feel like their state troopers are a little opportunistic when pulling people over. It seems like the minute you are driving even 8 miles over the limit they are on your tail. Also, the speed limits in Indiana make no sense, I'm sorry but all the states that have 55 mph speed limits on the interstates drive me crazy. Lastly, I just feel like there are drivers from too many states crossing through Indiana, which causes a whole separate issue.

With that being said, Driving through Indiana can be frustrating not only for those who are passing through but also for the residents. Many people travel to and from Chicago passing through Indiana and some do so daily. When you add these travelers to local travel and those passing through from different states we could have anywhere from 5-10 states all present. People do crazy things like merge across 4 lanes, tailgate, and more but the road rage catches up to them.

Indiana drivers aren't always that bad, I know that some of them are taught to drive on the country back roads while others are thrust onto city roads and highways to learn. Being thrown to the wolves can help make you or it could break you but the same could be said for those who learn on the backroads as they aren't used to traffic and other vehicles. I'm not sure where the anger comes from but the road rage incidents are through the roof in the Hoosier state.

The criminal defense law firm Simmrin Law Group, took it upon themselves to research the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s database for motor vehicle crash data focusing on drivers involved in fatal crashes due to road rage between 2017 and 2021. Surprisingly they found that Indiana was among the worst 5 states for road rage drivers and accidents. 

The data shows that Indiana is the third most road-raged state in America. Indiana has seen the highest total number of driver crashes in the US involving road rage between 2017 and 2021 at 486. In total, there have been 6,375 drivers involved in fatal crashes, but 7.34% of the drivers involved in the fatal crashes were due to road rage.  

 So be careful passing through Indiana when driving because if you make someone upset they may just crash into you or crash into someone else causing death due to their anger. 

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