Yesterday, Facebook went into a frenzy as there was an informal announcement made that there would be a Walmart location closing soon and the entire store would be going on clearance starting at 7 p.m. Now, the vagueness of the location is where all the craziness begins.

After underwhelming production from the Walmart on Portage Rd in South Bend, Indiana, the corporate office decided to close the doors in a month and will officially be closed on April 21. Customers will have prescriptions moved to new pharmacies while workers will be eligible to transfer to nearby stores once the closing is official. So, how does all of this tie into Michigan?

All of this commotion was due to a Facebook post that wasn't completely clear about the exact location of the Walmart Supercenter. As you can see below it just says Portage, enticing residents of Portage, Indiana, Portage, Michigan, and South Bend, Indiana, to get in on the discord.

This post got tons of comments and shares as people reacted to the large store closing and all of them believing that it was one of the Walmarts in their area. Some were happy to see the store go, others were bummed, and some just wanted to rush and get the clearance sale.

Below are some of the best comments we got in reaction to the news of Walmart closing in South Bend Indiana.

"This is definitely true, and to everybody asking why, it's because they probably don't get enough sales to stay open along with the fact that it's one of the most ghetto stores in south bend"-Bradley Richardson

Those were just a few of the comments left behind under the post or captions people used when sharing the post. Although our Walmart isn't closing yet, this is something to keep an eye on as online shopping becomes more prevalent more storefronts may close, including our Walmart supercenters.

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