Often the residents in Michigan and the surrounding states say that the West side of the state is boring and it's hard to argue against that point as the East side has many more attractions and larger cities closer together. The west side of the state was popping when the beach scene was larger, Kalamazoo had the State Theatre rocking, and Battle Creek had Kellogg's. Now, Grand Rapids has taken over the west side and is the only city that gets respect.

Grand Rapids is the second largest city in the Mitten State and is the only city West of Lansing that is given any real credit by the surrounding area for having anything worth their time. Since Grand Rapids built DeVos Place, Craigs Cruisers, Dave & Busters, and other attractions, they have been the shining star of West Michigan. Looks like that shining star will only be getting brighter as they will be adding another attraction in 2025.

2024 is almost halfway over and the city of Grand Rapids has already started looking ahead and planning to make the city better in 2025. They have climbed the ranks over the last few years and are considered one of the best moderate-sized towns in America. Although they have been recognized for their greatness they are still striving to be better and better is coming in 2025.

The Rivertown Crossings Mall will be getting a new addition in 2025 and it will not be a new store, but instead a new attraction. The mall is always a hard place for kids because it's boring for them to shop, but in 2025 they'll get to have tons of fun when visiting Rivertown Crossings. The Rivertown Crossings Mall will be inviting the Soar and Bounce indoor adventure park to move in.

Soar and Bounce will be taking over the former Younkers space in the Rivertown Crossings Mall. Soar and Bounce is the upgraded version of SkyZone or other trampoline parks, as they have the trampoline set up plus ropes courses, playgrounds, and more. They have activities such as a ninja course, dodgeball, basketball, Lego Land, and more to appeal to children of all interests.

Outdoor Games, Gear, and Equipment You Can Rent for FREE From Grand Rapids Gear Library

Grand Rapid Parks and Recreation recently added skateboards to the Thrive Outside Gear Library. Did you know about all the cool stuff you can rent for free? Just about anything you'd need for a camping trip you'll find in the Gear Library at Roosevelt Park Gym, plus team sports equipment, clothing, picnic supplies, even gear for cold weather activities too! The Gear Library is located at the gym at Roosevelt Park at 739 Van Raalte Dr. SW in Grand Rapids. The library is open on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm. 

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