The Spirit Halloween stores are open. Football is being played. Starbucks is selling pumpkin spice-flavored everything. The temperatures are dropping. The vibe is right - Spooky Season 2023 is here.

When you're looking for something creepy to do this time of year, a haunted house is usually your best bet. Save those pumpkin patch dates for a few weeks. Getting scared silly is the right way to start the season. In Southwest Michigan, there's an award-winning attraction that is celebrating a significant milestone that you may want to cross off the "witch list."

Niles Scream Park in Niles, Michigan, just a quick drive from the Michigan-Indiana border is celebrating 50 "Years of Fear" in 2023, making the spectacle likely the oldest haunted house event in all of Michigan.

While that may be debatable by someone in the Mitten, what isn't debatable is the reputation for Niles Scream Park to scare the "yell" out of you with its many attractions, headlined of course by the Niles Haunted House.

The House itself changes attractions from year to year and features over 100 paths through the attraction. This year it would take at least seven trips through the house to see every display of horror. This year's theme will center around a classic haunted mansion in celebration of 50 years.

The house is the main attraction, but "Blackbeard's Revenge", "Ghostly Hollow" and the "Field of Screams" maze are sure to leave guests trembling. For those looking for a true fright, the "Hooded" experience will have you blindfolded and at the mercy of actors who are permitted to touch you. You know it's terrifying if you have to sign a waiver.

There's tons more information on the event's website as well as a portal to purchase tickets, which are cheaper in advance.

Personally, I'm excited to check out this place for myself in a few weeks. I've already started binging horror movies after work, it's time to get spooked in real life too.

The event grounds open Friday, September 8 through the first weekend of November.

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