Sorry, everyone. This guy at a recent Tigers game might have the coolest Grandma ever.

Posted on Tiktok, a series of videos show the adventures of a man and his grandmother. The account, @litwithgrams, is based out of Michigan, according to his bio.

Grams, as she is lovingly called, is just out here living her best life:

Yes, the majority of the videos involve drinking mixed with adult language. But, honestly, at that point in life...why not?

The one that landed on my feed was Grams having fun at a Detroit Tigers game where she was definitely enjoying the overpriced cocktails:

*Warning. This video contains adult language*

That video now has over 9 million views, by the way.

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As someone who had grandparents that were already in their 70s when I was under the age of 10, I'm a little jealous of the adults who get to have an adult relationships with their grandmas and grandpas.

Also, Grams has unlocked a new life goal for me. Drinking aside, her carefree, devil-may-care attitude is refreshing. She's enjoying her life and doesn't care what anyone else thinks, a kind of freedom I think a lot of us would like to have.

You can see even more antics from Grams and her grandson by following the @litwithgrams account on Tiktok.

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