Searching for a relatively affordable home? It does feel nearly impossible these days.

As a millennial trying my best to save up for a first home, let alone a new home, it's difficult to avoid becoming discouraged by the market's current prices. However, that doesn't mean there are no decent, affordable homes out there.

Curious about my options here in SW Michigan, I took to Zillow to see what I could find for $200,000 and under. Specifically, I wanted to avoid homes that were in need of dire repairs.

Here's what I found:

At Least 7 Decent Homes For Sale for $200k or Less in SW Michigan

Finding a reasonably priced home may feel impossible. But, here are at least 7 decent options for less than $200,000 in SW Michigan

Not too shabby, right? Maybe there is hope, after all.

The other time-wasting activity that I love to do? Looking at homes that I'll never be able to afford. Like this $3.5 million home in Holland:

$3.6 Million Holland Home Comes With 3 Kitchens & a Killer View of Lake Michigan

But, who needs three kitchens? Check out this home currently for sale in Holland

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