There's no shortage of incredible restaurant choices in Indiana, but when you're craving authentic Mexican cuisine, the chain restaurants won't do. One Mexican restaurant stands out in the state by serving warm tortillas stuffed with your favorite meat, cheese, and toppings paired with a cold cerveza or margarita. And now it's being recognized as one of the best in America.

Indiana Mexican Restaurant Named One Of The Best In The U.S.

24/7 Tempo recently reviewed the top-rated Mexican restaurants nationwide. Whether you're a fan of traditional Mexican fare or looking to try something new and unique, you'll find it all at one spot in Indiana that boasts a lively, backyard party atmosphere.

Festiva in Indianapolis lands in the top spot for best Mexican restaurant in Indiana and one of the best in the U.S. According to 24/7 Tempo, Festiva's unique menu items sets them apart from other restaurants:

Yelp reviewers love the costillas here – honey-and-guajillo-braised pork ribs with chipotle crema. Also on the menu are the “best guacamole in town” (according to the restaurant), as well as several taco variations, carne asada, and an unusual preparation of whole rainbow trout with morita chile salsa.


While the guacamole, chips, and queso are favorite starters on the Festiva menu, the Baja Fish and Shrimp tacos are a must-try for dinner.

Festiva also serves brunch featuring unique delights such as Mexican Shrimp and Grits and Mexican Eggs Benedict.

Whether you dine at Festiva for brunch or dinner, margaritas, cocktails, and cervezas are always available.

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