Remember when they used to film movies and TV shows in Michigan?

It used to happen all the time! I miss those days. Unfortunately Michigan's film tax incentive program was repealed by former Gov. Rick Snyder (See: Flint water crisis) back in 2015.

At the height of film production in Michigan we saw major motion pictures such as Road to Perdition with Tom HanksTransformers: The Last Knight, Batman v. Superman, and 30 Minutes or Less bring their productions to The Mitten.

When these large-scale productions come to town they bring an entire crew who need lodging, meals, and entertainment. For example, the Transformers production alone had a crew of 850 members which means their dollars spent here while filming all benefit our state. Well, they used to.

Every now and then we see a slice of Hollywood come to our neck of the woods like Nicole Kidman's thriller Holland, Michigan, but even a major motion picture that's literally named after a Michigan city can't afford to film here; the majority of "Holland" was actually filmed in Tennessee. Sad!

That's why it's so exciting when we hear of LA-based production companies announce casting calls here in the Great Lakes State. In fact, just last week producer Ryan Adams posted a casting notice in the Michigan Film & Television Group on Facebook:

JEWEL OF THE NILE FILM PRODUCTIONS are casting in Los Angeles and in Michigan for a TV series slated for NETFLIX. This will be filmed in Michigan...This is a psychological Hitchcock thriller. A group of close-knit friends get together for a late night celebration...filled with a lot of controversy as it is very cutting edge

The casting notice lists descriptions of 14 different characters and invites union and non-union actors to apply, and it's a paid gig! To find more information and to apply head here.

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