A violent fight broke out between a brother and sister over a bag of Doritos and mom called the po-po.

When you see the headline about a mom calling the cops on her two kids for fighting over a snack, your first thought might be to judge her parenting skills.  But it turns out, that the brother and sister were going at it MMA style according to WFMJ,

The mom said that her daughter threw her brother’s bicycle. Then one child picked up a dumbbell weight and the other grabbed a rock. The report said neither sibling used the potential weapons or threatened each other.

This crazy Doritos commercial in real life happened in a small town just South of Youngstown called Boardman, Ohio.  The local police department sent officers out to the unusual domestic disturbance to assist the mother.  Mom decided to not press 'unruly juvenile' charges on the two hungry kids.  Instead, the responding officers had a conversation with them about why fighting is bad.


The true missed opportunity here is that Frito-Lay, the company that makes Doritos, hasn't reached out to the family to offer them a lifetime supply of their popular snack to keep them from fighting.  Better yet, have the kids star in their own Doritos commercial.

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