Some of the worst serial killers on the planet came from Ohio.  Here is some of Ohio's worst of the worst.

There are at least 20 serial killers with strong Ohio roots.  The website ranked all 20 of them.  Below you'll find the 6 worst serial killers from Ohio.  Trigger Warning: There will be brief descriptions of violent crimes such as rape and murder below.

6 Most Notorious Serial Killers From Ohio

#6 Michael Madison

This East Cleveland was convicted and sentenced to death in 2016 for the murder and sexual assault of at least 3 women.  He was caught when neighbors reported the smell of dead bodies coming from his home.

Ohio Serial Killer Michael Madison
Michael Madison mugshot courtesy of the East Cleveland Police Department

#5 Gary Michael Heidnik

Born in Eastlake, Ohio, Gary Heidnik is known as "the Real Buffalo Bill."  Heidnik held women captive in a pit he dug up in the basement of his Philadelphia home.  He was convicted of raping 6 women and killing 2.  Heidnik was put to death in 1999.

Ohio Serial Killer Gary Michael Heidnik
Gary Heidnik mugshot courtesy of Philadelphia PD

#4 Jeffrey Dahmer

Dahmer, who went to high school in Ohio and eventually dropped out of Ohio State University is one of the most disgusting serial killers in the world.  Dahmer tortured, murdered, and dismembered at least 16 men in Milwaukee.  He's also guilty of eating the flesh of some of his victims.

Ohio Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer mugshot courtesy of Milwaukee County

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#3 Thomas Lee Dillon

Dillon was known as "The Roadside Sniper" after gunning down at least 5 men between 1989 and 1992.  Dillon was described as "frighteningly normal" by Murderpedia.

Ohio Serial Killer Thomas Dillon
Thomas Dillon mugshot courtesy of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.

#2 Donald Harvey

Donald Harvey was also known as the "Angel of Death."  At least, that's how he referred to himself.  Harvey killed at least 16 patients at Marymount Hospital in Kentucky and Drake Memorial Hospital in Ohio in various ways because he "enjoyed it."

Ohio Serial Killer Donald Harvey
Donald Harvey Mugshot courtesy of Hamilton County Sheriff's Department

#1 Anthony Sowell

This guy is one of the sickest criminals in the United States.  Sowell was also known as the "Cleveland Strangler."  Sowell killed at least 11 women between 2009 and 2010 in Cleveland, but that's the tip of the iceberg according to,

In addition, he was accused of abusing a corpse and more than 70 counts of rape, kidnapping, and evidence tampering. reports that Sowell later died of a terminal illness in an Ohio prison hospital.

Ohio Serial Killer Anthony Edward Sowell
Anthony Sowell mugshot courtesy of Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Dept.

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